Sharp Stomach Pain

 Maybe it is Appendicitis

 Although stomachs are very common, sharp stomach pain, especially if it lasts for more than a few hours is a serious problem..

Especially important is if is located on the lower right abdomen.  This could be a sign of appendicitis.

Anytime the pain is too much for you, you should seek medical help.

Appendicitis begins q1uickly and also has swelling.  Fever may be present.  Disruption of normal bowel activity, either constipation or diarrhea is common.

The pain originates near the navel (belly button), then migrates down to the lower right abdomen. 

What happens to make the appendix fail.

The word fail indicates the finger like protrusion that comes out of the large intestine become inflamed and infected. It can also burst open allowing waste products into the blood stream.  This is life threatening.

Kidney Stones can really hurt

When you suffer from kidney stones the pain is more to the side and back.

You will feel like you need to pee all the time.  Your urine may be pink,  red, or brown.  If you get an infection it could cause you to have a temperature higher than 98.6, and feel chilled.

Some people become nauseas  and vomit.  Others can't find a comfortable position no matter how they try and adjust themselves.

Kidney stones are usually dried pellets of bile that can be very small, or far too big to pass.  passing small kidney stones through urination is painful enough, let alone a  very large stone.

 Other ailments that cause Stomach Pain

Constipation = Can't eliminate wastes

Pancreatis= Becomes inflamed

Shingles = Viral Infection and Rash

Food  Poisoning = Becoming sick due to bad bacteria, virus, parasites, or the toxins produced by these.

Viral diseases or Gastroenteritis = A viral infection people call stomach flu, that is not actually the "flu".  

Obstruction in Intestines = When the small or large intestine become blocked.

Diverticulitis = A bulging pouch coming off your intestines becomes inflamed.

Endometriosis = Tissue usually growing inside the Uterus begins to grow outside.

 General Stomach Pains

Something you ate or drank does not agree with you.  You may have a food intolerance or allergy.  Stress and unhealthy lifestyles may be taking their toll on your body.

Sometimes stomach pains are very serious and you need to visit a medical professional.

All of these can lead to stomach problems.  What you eat and drink are major factors contributing to stomach pains.  Buffets, traveling. family get togethers, and huge restaurant portions can all can entice you to overeat.

Determining the cause of Stomach Pain

If you are having pains and problems, the best thing to do it to keep a record of what you eat and consume, along with all the information you can write regarding when, where, how long the  symptoms last.   it is also important to note what relieves the symptoms.

Many stomach pains and problems can seem similar.  symptoms can overlap.  you can be suffering form two or more ailments at once.

Keep a record.  You will be able to determine what is wrong, or your medical professional will be able to determine the cause of your problem much better with this record.

 Picture of a stomach with sharp stomach pain


 Sharp Stomach Pain